How Do Pre-Orders Work?

  • Manufacturer release dates are subject to change without notice. You will not be notified by us if the said release date changes. 

  • If you pre-order multiple items with different release dates, your items will not ship until the last item has been released. 

  • Released pre-sell items ship either a few days before the release date to be delivered on the release day, or releases are shipped on the release day. *Note this depends on when the manufacturer delivers the product to us. 

  • Your method of payment will be authorized once your order is submitted. Once your order is reviewed by customer service, your payment will be finalized. You are charged and billed before the release date. 

  • If a deposit is allowed and made, the remaining balance is due one week prior to the release date. Payment can be made by phone (1-888-440-9787) (Monday-Friday, 9 am- 5 pm EST). If you are using a credit card on file or paying via PayPal, you may just email us ( and tell us to run the card again or send a PayPal request. You are more than welcome to make payment ahead of one week prior to the release date. 

  • Deposits for canceled orders are non-refundable and will be applied as a mandatory restocking fee.